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Goldcoin Health Foods Ltd was incorporated on March 27th, 1989, under the Companies Act, 1956 under the name of Goldcoin Food Products Pct Ltd and was changed to Goldcoin Foods Products Ltd, after passing necessary resolutions under section 21/31/44 of the Act, on March 2nd 1995. Subsequently, it was changed to Goldcoin Health Foods Ltd, by virtue of section 21/31/44 on April 3rd, 1995.

The company has obtained SSI Registration vide No. 0401/0SS03 dated 22/09/1993 from Ministry of Industry, Government of India for the manufacturing of food products. Company also possesses Food & Drug Licence No. 3/143 dated 22/09/1993 from Additional Commissioner of Food and Drug Department, Ahmedabad, Gujarat for its products. NOC for Health Department of District Panchaya, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, has also been acquired vide its letter dated 17/05/1993.

At present the Company is engaged in production of Raw Milk which is supplied to Dairy as Raw-Material for the Milk and Milk Products which has potential Market in India and abroad with Yearly Growth Rate of 10%.

Proposed Project is unique and moderate by installing modern, automated and hygienic well equipped machineries for producing milk of buffaloes. All the process of collecting milk in vessel, packing the milk in tetra packs, cans etc will be fully automated.

Looking to the future demand of milk, our project will be a WHITE REVOLUTION